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Meet William R. Hotchkiss, MD

Dr. Hotchkiss grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and comes from a long generation of physicians from Texas. After graduating from Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis he was selected to attend the combined BA-MD program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine.

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Areas of Specialty

Sports Medicine

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The cervical spine comprises the first 7 vertebrae of the spinal column, which form the neck. The cervical spine is highly mobile compared to other regions of the spine such as thoracic or lumbar spine.

Thoracic spine is the central part of the spine, also called the dorsal spine, which runs from the base of the neck to the bottom of your rib cage.

The lumbar spine is composed of the lower 5 vertebrae, which have been numbered L1–L5.

Athletes are prone to spine injuries as a result of trauma or repetitive movements and stress. Improper technique, fatigue and poor muscle tone and flexibility can also lead to spine injuries.